Make your stays comfy and get a luxurious feel at Hotel Virasat Mahal. 

We are here to make your experience count like never before.

As you step within the palatial property of Virasat Mahal Heritage Hotel, you find yourself enmeshed in a harmonious blend of past royalty and contemporary luxury. Subtly nestled in the heart of Jaipur, this place expels a royal charm that is painstakingly nurtured to embrace every visitor.

Our hotel, Virasat Mahal, materialises as a touchstone, radiating the overflowing cultural wealth and preserved history of the region. An evident masterpiece of architectural excellence, the establishment that was once a burnished palace acquired a new breath of life, artfully reshaped and revamped into a hotel that marries traditional Rajasthani artisanship and modish comforts of the new age, rendering an impressive experience truly a cut above the rest.

As you wander around the vast expanse of the erudite walkways or slowly take in the wide variety of ostentatiously decorated chambers, each and every bends and nooks oversee a lingering awe of book-ended eras embellished tastefully to adapt to the dynamic prerequisites of modern voyagers.

Yet, the grandeur of Virasat Mahal is not solely confined to its marvellous physical spectacle. Every aspect of our hospitality heritage emboldens attention to detail which energetically encompasses the ethos of impeccable customer service, making certain that every individual guest is clothed in aristocratic warmth from the point of entrance, carrying forward on a gastronomic voyage that uncompromisedly reveals the seasoned spirit of local cookery, ingeniously executed with meticulous passion.

Whether your pursuits lead you here in quest of a lavish venue for exchanging sacred wedding vows painted all over in royalty or your endeavour makes an artistic cultural quest for the elusive or maybe you seek a tranquil shelter stretched luxuriously in magnificence, Virasat Mahal Heritage Hotel consistently assures an enkindling visit that gracefully walks hands in hand with the echoes of royal lineage where primeval finds its match in the present beneath the umbrella of lavish legacy.

Extend yourself toward an experience steeped in royal blast from the past at Virasat Mahal Heritage Hotel. Become the part of the chain preserving the final word in human history grace and high living. Your royal adventure awaits your ascension.